Do You Know Your Carburettor From Your Clutch?

3 Things You Should Know About Log Book Servicing

If you've just bought your first new car, then you should stick to its log book servicing schedule. This kind of service checks various areas of the vehicle according to its manufacturer's specifications at set intervals.

It's important to stick with this schedule and to understand how the system works. What do you need to know?

1. Log Book Services Affect Your Warranty

The warranty that came with your new car protects you if something goes wrong with the vehicle. The manufacturer commits to deal with certain problems within the guaranteed warranty period.

However, this isn't a blanket promise. Manufacturers usually set conditions that you have to meet to keep the warranty valid. Log book servicing is usually one of these conditions.

For example, your warranty might state that you have to have a log book service twice a year or after you reach a certain mileage milestone. If you don't stick to this schedule, and the car develops a problem, then you might lose out. The manufacturer could point to the fact that you haven't kept to your end of the deal and refuse to honour the warranty.

2. You Don't Have to Use a Dealer

You may have heard that you have to take your car back to its dealer for its log book services. Or, the log book may make you think that this is the case because its wording implies that you have to use an authorised dealer.

This isn't necessarily the case. You don't have to use the dealer from whom you bought the car for this kind of servicing. Manufacturers shouldn't use this as a reason for invalidating warranties.

Typically, you can use any service mechanic or shop that you choose. You just have to make sure to use a suitably qualified individual or shop for all your log book services. The only exception here is extended warranties which can sometimes specify where you have to have your servicing done.

3. Servicing Boosts Saleability

If you think that you might sell your car at some point in the future, then regular log book services could help you make a quick sale at a good price. If you have a record of this kind of servicing, then buyers know that the car has been regularly checked and passed fit.

Plus, if you'll pass the warranty on to the new owner, they will want a record of regular servicing. This is important if they ever need to make a warranty claim.

To find out more about log book services and how they work for your car, contact local auto shops.

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