Do You Know Your Carburettor From Your Clutch?

Wheel Centre Caps: Understanding the Different Approaches to Sizing

If your old centre caps are old and worn out, you should plan on acquiring good replacements. Good centre caps are crucial because they will keep your wheels protected. In simple terms, these components will prevent the infiltration of gravel, dirt and grime into the centre of your vehicle's axle. Also, it will prevent the wheel hub from sustaining damage.

In addition to protection, the centre cap has great visual appeal. If you have never purchased centre caps, you might have some trouble with sizing. This aspect is the most critical for the right product. If the fit is poor, the cap might fail prematurely or damage your vehicle. Here are some different approaches to help you during the centre cap sizing process.

Check the Part Number

The most convenient approach to choosing a good centre cap and guaranteeing the right sizing is checking the old component. Usually, the original centre cap has a model number. This number can be used in finding the most compatible product for your vehicle. If you are planning on making an online order or calling the vendor, the use of the model number will prevent sizing mishaps.

Measure the Old Cap

If you have the old cap but the model number is no longer legible, you will need to measure the component. The measuring process is quite straightforward, but there are some oversights which could result in wrong details. In general, when conducting the measuring process, you should begin by placing the component on a hard surface like a table for convenience and to keep it stable.

Keep in mind that there are multiple parameters that you will need to have for correct measurement. You must determine the inner diameter. This is the measurement which will determine whether the cap can fit over the hub. Then, you must identify the outer diameter to ensure that the cap will slide into the wheel. Additionally, consider the depth of the cap. Record all these measurements and present them to the vendor.

Consider Your Wheels

If you do not have your old original centre cap, you will need to use an alternative method for determining the right component size. For instance, if your cap was damaged or lost due to an accident, you will have to calculate sizing by measuring your wheel. Keep in mind that you will still need to have inner and outer diameters. Therefore, you should be keen when checking and measuring the wheel because the detail of the discrepancy is not obvious. 

If you need help choosing the right cap, visit an auto parts store.

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