Do You Know Your Carburettor From Your Clutch?

Are You Putting Your Towing Vehicle Under Too Much Strain?

Do you enjoy towing a boat or car behind your everyday vehicle as you pursue a weekend hobby? If so, you may have become quite adept at the task and know how to load everything carefully for each journey. Yet while you may be a towing maestro, should you spare a thought for the vehicle at the front? Do you need to take extra care to look after its mechanical components, given the additional strain you are placing on it?

Looking Beyond Capability

As you undoubtedly know, you must ensure that your towing vehicle is legally capable of pulling that fully laden trailer. To do this, you will have looked at the gross vehicle weight figures and may be perfectly happy that everything is okay. Yet, even though the vehicle may be capable of doing what you ask, you may be putting a lot of strain on some of those mechanical parts. You should look at the transmission specifically and figure out whether you need to add an oil cooler for this device.

Excess Temperatures

The transmission converts the power generated by the engine into usable drive, and the casing has some very sophisticated gearing inside. It's not unusual for the temperature to build up to a considerable degree during everyday operation. When towing, it can get even hotter.

While the transmission fluid is designed to work in harsh environments, if it is subject to an excessive amount of heat, it may start to break down. This will degrade its ability to protect the transmission, and you may begin to notice abnormal gear changes.

Transmission Cooler At Work

If you fit a transmission oil cooler to the front of your towing vehicle, all the fluid will be pumped through it during a normal cycle. As it does, the heat will be transferred to the front of the vehicle, where it will dissipate as cooler air passes across the radiator's surface. In its much cooler state, the fluid will then return to the transmission where it can perform its magic again.

Getting Your Cooler

If you don't have a transmission oil cooler fitted to your towing vehicle, now is the time to get one. Talk with a parts supplier (for instance, a Toyota spare parts supplier) who can provide you with the highest quality component designed for your vehicle. Once fitted, you may notice a smoother ride but will in any case ensure that your transmission lasts as long as possible.

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